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Combi boilers the pro and cons

Combi boilers were designed for small properties and flats. They save space because you do not need any form of water storage, so the cupboard where the hot water tank used to be can now be used for extra storage, and as we all know we all need extra storage these days. You also don’t need a cold water storage tank in the loft area.

Combi Boiler Efficiencies

As the globe develops there is an increasing need for gas and prices are going up each year. One way of pruning heating bills is to review how you are consuming energy in the home. You could trim your gas costs by up to 35% if you put in a new energy-saving condensing combination boiler.

Working in the background your present-day boiler will be heating your house and offering hot water for washing cutlery and clothing in addition to powering your bath. The median gas boiler lasts for 15 years before you start to get unexpected problems and it becomes wasteful. Even though your current boiler may be functioning correctly it could be inefficient in comparison to the latest one. Many older boilers are ranked as a G on the SEDBUK scale, where A is the most economic at 95-98% and G the least cost-effective boiler at 20-30%.

If your heating boiler is over 10 years old, it might be worth investing in another model. A new condensing gas combination boiler could cut your costs significantly. combi-boilers are the most popular boilers and are best suited to smaller households where there are not several simultaneous demands for hot water. With a gas combi-boiler, you can eradicate the hot water storage cylinder saving space as it will heat water when you need it. If you have a combi-boiler you will find that hot water may not be ready in the kitchen if you are filling a hot bath as it heats the hot water as necessary.

A typical central heating boiler heats the water and transfers it to a storage cylinder for rapid access. Hiving Away hot water for use later is very ineffective and wastes energy. In addition, the hot water tank takes up space in the household which could be used for other storage proposes.

doing away with the storage cylinder by installing a gas combi boiler means that your central heating system will be up to 60% more efficient. The most efficient type of gas combi-boiler is a condensing combi-boiler which has an additional heat extract to reclaim the heat in the flue gases and use of this to heat your water reducing its energy consumption. The extracted warmth is then used to heat up water saving energy usage.